Saturday, January 22, 2011

Down Fever

.......have u Ever know someone who
Never Like u since forever.u learn to be hate.
To be someone who have to be alone all
The time. Learn to set urself as second choice and
Forget ur Dreams bcause u too tired to get hurt.
Keep ur mouth shut So u won't be hated again.
She make me remember dat i don't deserve to be happy
.She make the person who i bcome today.Keep my distance with person
I Care and love So i can let them happy without being to close with them.
i never really know how to be nice with people.
i'm just someone who prefer to get hurt then to be happy.
Who knew Thai it hard to try to make someone Like my own self.

....,I'm crying from the inside.hope i'll b strong from some reason i couldn't tell

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