Thursday, July 19, 2012

simptom sengal

ada pelbagai simptom manusia dah kerja ni...
1) yang komplen pasal kerja..tapi takde perasaan nak carik kerja lain...
    kesimpulan = saje nak hilang kan stress dengan bebel-bebel.
2)yang komplen pasal kerja dan tekad nak carik kerja lain.
   kesimpulan = maybe kerja kat tempat yang tak best.kawan kerja takbest...
                         semua pon tak decide berhenti tanpa ragu-ragu
3) kerja semua dah best.relax and sempoi semua.tapi rasa gaji tak cukup.
4) kerja gaji masyuk tapi tanggungjawab besar..kena selalu travel.selalu buat benda yang tak suka.
 kesimpulan =selagi halal teruskan ar dulu buat kumpul duit...buat melabur tempat lain.lepas 10tahun berhenti dan sebagai er...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

too scared to be brave.

Right now ,I'm looking for part time or casual work.since my class haven't not start yet.There still time for me to edit my resume and applying for the job.There are several job offer at the uni website.At least there are hope.
yesterday I went to ISs for some program for new student.I'm not sure why.I did asking on how can I find a these kind of job.I really hope she would able to help me.
But yeah..almost of the unit of orientation volunteer seem like want to help me.but I don't think they did..I probably understand communicate with foreign student like me can be a quit difficult.It ain't easy for me to.Yeah,I wish I did speak more english when I was in Malaysia cause it really hard now to adjust my 'slang' to make them understand me.
plus I always terrified on each step I take.not on my safety.I just terried if I trembling down and don't able to face the future I really wanna hold. but because I knew I need a help.I have to push myself doing thing I dont want to.almost all of my time I keep checking on my QUT.wish to join every important program for a new student..I can be lost in here...sure,it hard to be alone.but it better to make myself be more focus on what I'm trying to achieve here.

there not lot people that really kind to help.if there is.very a city.face it.everyone just being selfish including me.decided to borrow this text book since I don't want to spend money on buying a text book unless it really needed....

i'm overwhelmed yes...