Wednesday, March 7, 2012

new chapter.drama y sama..

new chapter:            being an adult..
bgai keciciran dr org lain y dh experience keje smpai 2yrs.
 aku br merangkak2..baru nk langkah masuk realiti.. masih nervous wey..blum jumpa lg superior aku..
 everyone thought I won't stay long working at this place.. but in my head.I wanna stay as long as I could. I wanna get busy with work.. if this could help me forget thing.. start paying my own bill. start planning my first house..or mayb place I could call home. not place I come back and barely can smile.. if I was 15,i would just listen to crap music n cry.. i couldn't go anywhere..hv no other place to go.. it's not like I wanna run from my obligation.. it seem like staying under one roof don't work out for us.. aku dh agak.dapat je keje...mesti dia start balik drama. lucky i decided not to come home yesterday.. Lucky i'm much stronger today I don't wanna brag about it..but life make me feel nothing bout ur jelousity and 'redonkelious' habit. cant see i'm step ahead of u rit? I won't say anything bout karma anymore.. cliche' sgt..but I hope someday u realize! u make me fall apart but now I feel nothing at all..

i'm not saying my house is aku kagum dgn kwn2 aku y tinggal kat umah lg hati mereka besar...i mean; there have better relation with other family members..if I could I would love to change this dull world..
but how?selain dari one really do the 'communicate' thing...

aku bukan er gila harta..nak kerje n duduk jauh dr family for a sake of $$.But I realize I can't just sit back and relax.I have to learn and earn money cause I need it..
I have debt to pay...I need place to stay...

Aku penat baca all the word and thing saying women should stay home..not being out and enjoy themselves..kadang2 aku persoalkn diri sndiri.
brape byk entah dosa aku ni..hari2 dok kluar..and entah la~