Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Bila buat 2 account fesbuk..
1 account konon nak rahsia dulu.
Tapi bila nampak ada orang komen di account 'tak rahsia'
dan kau komen guna account 'rahsia'...

Itu bodoh nama er.. =,='

Monday, March 4, 2013

#1 Tips and Learning

It just something that I learn today...Set up a new fb account to do my online biz.thinking to start actively involve doing online business.
Still need to learn..Need to struggle and no time to sit back and relax. I probably should create 'page' instead..naaah,next time when everything already set up.

Tips #1 How can I start letting People Follow me 

  1. Click  in the top-right of your screen
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Click Followers on the left side
  4. Check the box next to Allow Followers      
This can't be done if you're under 18..

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stop the hatred.and how

i was shocked seeing this video from my friend  wall post during eid adha..
trully this is one of effin story and problem with guy who wearing kupiah time ceramah.or mgaku ustaz but we don't really know if he telling the truth or not

bagi aku 80% taxpayer tu bukan malay mungkin sbb most of us slalu er dah tolak sbb bayar zakat.
dah tolak sbb charity etc..
aku pon bsangka baik la..bagi aku mmg la kaum satu ni ramai yang kaya.
tapi takkan la hina sangat org kita.I believe statistic is just a number.there are so many factor we should consider...

zaman bkamera sana sni.senang-senang je org rakam n tambahkan salah faham...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

old boring story

when dad was around we used to talked about why he think old spelling are much better and pronounce it right compare with what we currently use...He made me fall in love with literature in most of classic book I've read..
He truly want me to do good at math which I don't...but end up I do engineering and feel bad about it till now...Probably I'm not suited with this world...If Allah will,I wish to be somewhere I could contribute my idea and dedicate my life doing something I truly enjoy.
I still could not figure it out yet...Well,if people truly asked me what I've been dream off when I was a kid.I would love seeing myself writing a book.but it seem like my writing keep getting worst.depands on spelling checker all the time..other than that,I wish to volunteer going around the world and help unfortunate child and women...Which I don't really know how to do it cause I feel like I'm too unfriendly and not able to make friend easily.
I have to admit I try it soo many time but it such an awkward and I couldn't do it...