Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Haul

not so much tho but feel bored and want to post some..
I love watching actress on tv wearing nude/pink lipstick.
but always not working on my lips..extreme dry and it look awful.
My first time shopping at sephora.not so much too grab.I have hard time choosing my lipstick during those time.Too many people and get so hungry after a while.
and my 1st time trying out nyx.So many people selling nyx on instagram. not worth buying if the price almost the same with what you can get from the store.
and the shampoo,smell nice but end up it spilt all over my paper bag.

Since its already january.I thought the sell already the same new jeans and cardigan are already in my shopping list.grab those two item.
I prefer maroon color for my cardigan.but they don't hv it at garden outlet.thought i saw one during my visit at KLCC.

My last one..
Bought my satin scarf during last bazaar at empire d'sara for only rm5.


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